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Sun, Feb. 29th, 2004, 04:52 pm
last night....i said..

so last night was one of those silly nights where the guy walks you to where you are sleeping and you want him to come in but he cant and you keep pushing him in but he wont come in and everytime you think you are done making out you decide its not enough so you continue making out and then you think hes leaving and he makes a few steps back and you turn around but he pushes you back into him and you continue kissing and then he says hes going to leave again and you turn around once more expecting just that and he pushes you against the car and continues to kiss you and you can feel pressure against your vagina and it feels so good and then he kisses your neck and you kiss him everywhere and you know he needs to go but you dont care so you continue to make out on the street and then he picks you up and puts you in the edge of the fence and your legs are spread and you can feel him up against you again completely taking every bit of strength you have left and forcing you to put it all into this experience and the kissing wont stop so you don't argue with that and then you think its over but its not and he finally decided its enough but you wont let that happen so you push him back into you and you feel him against you and it feels even better and you ask him to come in again and he says that he needs to see you again really soon and you know that thats not soon enough but its the best he can do so you take it and like it and you finally kiss for the last time and you say your goodbyes where you actually say each other's names and then you see him walking away and you watch him leave and he does the little jumpy thing where you click your feet together and he hears you laugh from a distance and it's still not enough because you know you want more and omg...im so geigh

and so are you!